Some comments of readers:

Origin is a book that makes you understand everyday life better in the light of spirituality. It is written with great clarity by someone who not only understands the esoteric knowledge, but also had inner experiences of it. The illustrations help to understand the subjects. A reference book, from cover to cover.
Ineke Spoelstra - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reading Origin I gained a deeper insight into the 7 dimensions and the relationship with the “electric” and “magnetic” qualities. It also helped me to get a deeper understanding of the Rounds, which is a part of Theosophical Teachings I had a hard time getting a grasp of. The very clear diagrams helped a lot in that respect. I found it to be a very fascinating and stimulating read. One read though is not enough and definitely more insights will be gained by a second read!
Nicole Riffel - New York, USA

This is the book I’ve always wanted to read.
Marieke IJsselmuiden - Haarlem, Netherlands

This fantastic book fills the gap between the cosmos and our life here on Earth.
Elly Schepens - New Denver, Canada

This book helps me in my spiritual growth. It is written from the soul. It is a practical book with clear examples in text and form diagrams.
K. van den Bos - Zoetermeer, Netherlands

The book is easy to read. When the descriptions get very mental, a connection to everyday life is laid out. The numbering of the images and chapters helps you to quickly reach out to the desired subjects. The structure with repetitions of difficult issues helps to get a deeper understanding of these subjects. The book is very inspiring to me.
Annie Bremen - Almere, Netherlands

Never before have I read a book about life itself that is so close and clear. The book is developed intelligently in content, format, summaries and reflections. The book serves well as a study book. Beautiful new words are found for universal concepts that make my heart jump. Now I finally understand what the word Trinity means... Hallelujah! Not to forget the insights that I have gained on 1st and 2nd degree karma in relationship to the reincarnation process! I am deeply touched and inspired by the colourful artwork, tone, vocabulary and knowledge.
A. Smits - Almere, Netherlands