Spiritual Awareness

Alphabeth Publications aims to revaluate esoteric knowledge. Exploring the endless possibilities of your own consciousness is a logical step when you take this knowledge to your heart. Becoming aware of your Divine essence is an inner journey. It is very hard to do this journey just by yourself. There are many spiritual schools that facilitate the development to spiritual awareness. You can trust your own intuition when you make choices in this.

When you feel great affinity with the message of love and the insights described in Origin you might contact the Foundation for Higher Learning. The FHL is the spiritual school where Herman van Tuijl got inspired and where his awakening unfolds. For more information see: thefhl.org

If you gradually want to explore the depth of your consciousness (and you live in the Netherlands) you can join a session organized by the AlphaBeth training. AlphaBeth Publications evolved out of the AlphaBeth training. More information at:  www.abtr.nl