Image example 1

Below is a picture of one of the patterns that we can observe on Earth

Our Earth is inhabited by four kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal and human. Each of these kingdoms has its own level of consciousness and each has a distinct function within life on Earth. The image shows these functions in a schematic way. The arrows indicate the evolutionary forces working through the kingdoms. The minerals compose the crust of the Earth and make it firm at horizontal level. The plants are vertically oriented. The plants reach for the light and have their roots in the Earth. They feed on the minerals and the sunlight. They collect solar-energy and the animals and humans can consume this. The animals have their chakra-chain in a horizontal position and their focus is also horizontally: “Where can I find food and where is the most fertile female?”

Man stands upright and his consciousness can be vertically aligned. We have a consciousness that can experience both spirit and matter. Our chakras are positioned vertically in the central body-axis and they can absorb the impulses of our soul. When you’re inspired, you are able to execute those ideas into matter. Inspiration comes from being ‘in Spiritus’ and matter is derived from Mater, mother-Earth (both Latin). If those plans are in harmony with yourself and your environment (the Earth) you create harmony and you can grow vertically. The importance is to become aware of what your consciousness is able to connect to. You can become aware of the energy flows connecting you to the Earth and to the Heaven.

All kingdoms (read consciousnesses) on Earth are tightly connected in their alternating horizontal and vertical activities. In nutrition they all need each other. We have a consciousness that can influence all kingdoms below us and we have a function within this. We are able to respond to what our soul wants to manifest through us in relation to other people and the Earth.

The problem is of course that our consciousness is not vertically oriented, not to the Earth (our bodily consciousness and what the Earth needs), and not to our Origin: to the sun on a physical level and to God on the spiritual level. We only use these two energy-streams and we imitate the animals in their vertical orientation: “Where can I find the best food and where is the most beautiful woman?”