Do we know our own consciousness? What kind of desires do we have and why? How do we break the patterns that cause us to hold on to negative experiences from the past? While we are alone with our feelings and thoughts, our consciousness is able to experience much more. We are spiritual beings and we have forgotten our natural state of being, our Divine Origin. With some practice we are able to enter an inner state of mediation. In that state of mind there is peace, trust, connection and, above all, Divine Love.

Divine Love flows through the entire Creation. Our consciousness is a part of this large whole. If we know the universal laws by which our consciousness operates, we are able to re-connect with the Divine Love. The key to connecting with that flow is our Heart - the centre of our being. When we live from our Heart, we are able to make conscious choices and to take full responsibility for our lives and create beauty and harmony in our environment.

Origin explains the 7 dimensions in which our consciousness functions. It brings together esoteric knowledge of many world religions and it describes the Process of Creation, the formula that is foundational to the large and the small, to yourself and everything you do and experience. Origin provides new insights into the strong power of our subconscious mind that keeps our consciousness in the apparent illusion of isolation. Read it and integrate the principles into your life. Set yourself free.

Here you can read some chapters from Origin.



Human Consciousness 

The 7 dimensions


The Divine Love