Spiritual vision

Religion has always played an important role in all cultures of the world. From the moment we developed our sciences, believing in God became less important. Now, we see ourselves as the rulers of Creation and we are able to intervene into early stages of life. But what is the ethics of it all? Our actions are focused on material wealth and self-interest, and we disturb the balance in nature at many levels. We have lost our natural feeling of connection with nature. If we want to understand ourselves in our true essence, we have to place ourselves within the greater whole, of which we are part. We are spiritual beings and we have forgotten our Divine Origin. AB Publications puts God back where he belongs, at the Origin of Creation.

We can have different thoughts and feelings about various issues and if we really disagree it leads to war. But the wounded soldier in our camp will recover thanks to the same Divine powers as the wounded soldier in the other camp. There is one universal power that creates, gives life and maintains everything and that is a Divine power (love, light, prana, chi). You can become aware of that power, that love or that light. You can come to the realization of the connectedness of everything. It is a journey within your own consciousness and you might need a road map to gradually grow in awareness.

When you know and understand the processes in Creation, you are able to reset yourself into a new attitude towards your karma and your life. Then you can find inner peace and you will be able to deal with other people and difficult situations in a natural way. You become a conscious part of the flow of Divine Love and work towards your soul-plan. In that soul-plan we are united.